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Secrets of the Traditional Mediterranean Diet - A presentation by Marina Savvides

The Mediterranean Diet has been studied for its health benefits for 50+ years and backed by organizations like the WHO and the American Heart Association.

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TransitionsAbroad.com - Culinary Traditions of Cyprus
Article by Lies Ouwerkerk

A wonderful Yummy Cyprus mention by Lies Ouwerkerk, Senior Contributing Editor for TransitionsAbroad.com.

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Food and Travel Magazine Feature
Article by Alicia Miller and Alex Allen

Food and Travel Magazine names Yummy Cyprus as one of Europe's Best 50 Cookery Schools in their May 2014 issue. This is what Food and Travel's Alicia Miller and Alex Allen had to say about us.

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Yummy Cyprus - Sunday Mail Feature
Article by Zoe Christodoulides

For two women who believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home, new workshops will spread their love of Cyprus cuisine. ZOE CHRISTODOULIDES gets a taste of what’s in store.  Read more
Cyprus Weekly - Yummy Cyprus Feature

Article by Barbara Panayidou

Yummy Cyprus

Two grandmothers draw on their love of cooking, and the rich flavours, culture and history of Cyprus, as they launch their new cookery school.

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Yummy Cyprus - PRESS RELEASE

Grandmas launch traditional Cypriot cookery school

15th February 2012, Nicosia, Cyprus // Two Cypriot grandmothers, Rena and Marina, today launch their new cookery school, Yummy Cyprus, where they will be teaching traditional Cypriot cooking – infused with the culture and history that travels through the country’s food.

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